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Skin: My skin is really sensitive and tends to be really dry with some oily parts around the nose. I would not call it combination as for the most part it is really dry. As for pimples I don't really have greater problems with that. I have really really big pores though and I am hating that T^T Still looking for something to help me with that but maybe Benefits POREfessional will be my holy grail xD
Hair: Let's better not talk about that >>" I have fairly thin and really straight hair and since roughly one year I have problems with it >.< My hair is really sensitive to the hard water in the area I am living in at the moment and I have to be careful which shampoo I am using. I am avoiding shampoo with silicones in them and I love using the baby shampoo from Hipp :) Until my hair gets all better I often wear wigs just because at the moment I hate my natural hair >.<""
Nails: I keep them short because they are really really soft, still like to paint them in every color possible.

Buying behaviour: I like drugstore brands as well as high-end products. I am a sucker for Urban Decay and Benefit <3 <3 <3 Still loving my Essence and P2 goodies ^^

Elia Ember

Skin: I have really sensitive and bright skin. My different hormone levels reflect on my skin, so it's not easy for me to find cremes and shower gels that my skin likes (because else it would get really dry and itch a lot or the other way around it would get greasy and then I have a lot of blemishes). Because my skin is really bright and not really thick under my eyes I always have dark circles around my eyes.
Hair: I have a lot but fine hair. I also have problems finding shampoos that my skin likes. I dislike shampoos with silicone in it.
Nails: I have almost always short nails, cause I don't like the feeling of long nails. It's also not convinient for me to work with long nails and I'll tend to bite them, if I'm bored or tense. But I like to stamp flowers or patterns on my nails once in a while. :) I have always problems to maintain a healthy cuticle, cause it cracks often because of the cold or my bad biting behaviour.

Buying behaviour: I only buy vegan cosmetics, I did this already before becoming a vegan, cause my skin behaves like a little diva. ~.~


Skin: I used to have a lot of problems with pimples in my youth. I'm still fighting with them from time to time. Otherwise my skin is combined with dry parts on the eyebrows, nose and chin but also with greasiness on my forehead and cheeks.
Hair: Being half-Asian and half-European I'm blessed with nearly indestructible and fast growing hair. Recently I had to deal with scall. Probably because of a too agressive shampoo. I switched to mild, silicone-free shampoo a few weeks ago. Actually my first project for this blog. ;)
Nails: I used to bite my nails until the age of 12, when it became 'cool' to have long painted nails in my class. So I did everything possible to have those nails, too. I like to have them styled and neat, but I'd never use fake nails as I don't like them on me.

Buying behaviour: Everythings that's not too expensive. Mostly things my girls recommend. ^^


Skin: I really have a seasonal skin type, in winter my whole face area gets dry and tense but in summer a bit oily (but not too much). I have big pores around my nose and blackheads on my nose and chin, I try to fight.
Hair: My natural hair color is light brown. Although I dye my hair often, it is quite strong and normal. But a few month ago I tried to get rid of my dyed black hair color and since then they went down the road.
Nails: Out of the bunch I have the biggest nailpolish collection xD. I really love to do my nails when I have time and don't do things like putting mud trough a sieve -.-*. I love them mid length, but when I am under a lot of pressur they turn kind of weird and tend to break easily.

Buying behaviour: I can't resist cute packaging xD and love durgstore as well as high-end products.


Skin: My skintype is dry to sensitive skin. I used to use drugstore products for a long time, but either they made my skin very greasy and I got breakouts, or they left my skin too dry and it became flaky, itchy and red. Lately I changed to The Bodyshop products, and since then my skin improved a lot.
Hair: My hair is quite normal in thickness and amount, I guess, but it’s dry and very frizzy. I have natural curls and they need a lot of care to look nice and healthy. I use a flattening iron on a daily basis for my fringe, so this part needs extra care.
Nails: My nails grow strong and fast. I apply nail hardener in soft pink or clear on a regular basis.

Buying behavior: I don’t buy my skincare products at the drugstore anymore, but I love to buy make-up and nail polishes there. Only exception is foundation. For about three years now I am constantly using bb creams from Korea.

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