Samstag, 23. Februar 2013

Etude House: Sweet Eye Cupcake #3 Peach & Honey

Hey there ;D

I am a really a big fan of asian cosmetics, so i try out a lot of things. A while ago i purchased on eBay an eyeshadow duo from Etude House ... and well as always the packaging was at fault xD. 

I choose the color #Peach & Honey because i didn't have a similar eyeshadow in my collection and I am on kind of a peach trip at the moment. I paid around 6€, shipped from South Korea and shipping included.

The black ring inside the package i find rather ugly oO silver would have been a better choice, but oh well~ 

I always use a primer or a base under it so i can't say anything about the lasting power of this eyeshadow. The colors are a bit on the sheer side and don't have the soft texture I normaly prefer. The vanilla one is a bit more glittery than the peach one, what I like because I have a similiar color but without any glitter or shimmer. 

Overall I am satisfied with what I got, but I don't think that I will get more of those, because there are better eyeshadows out there. If you also want to try them out you can get them HERE


  1. Schade, dass die Farbabgabe so gering ist :( Die Verpackung ist einfach zu hübsch ^^

    1. ich glaub das kommt echt dadurch das der so hart ist ~ ich werds nochmal mit nem angefeuchteten pinsel und so versuchen ^^